Natural Gas from Shale

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Shale gas is a natural gas produced from shale rocks and other geological formations by injecting water and chemicals into the rocks through a technique known as by hydraulic fracturing.

Indonesia has the shale gas potential. Sumatra supposedly had the largest shale gas reserves of around 253 tcf, Kalimantan estimated 194 tcf of shale gas reserves and Java island 48 tcf.

In May this year, PERTAMINA was awarded the country’s first shale gas project – the Sumbagut block in North Sumatra.

“Indonesia has the [shale gas] potential particulary in Kalimantan and Sumatra. The real problem is not in the potential but more in technology for the fracturing method, if we do not use the right technology, we will most likely pollute groundwater”, according to the Indonesian Geologist Association (IAGI) advisory board member Andang Bachtiar.

Source: Jakarta Post, Sept 24,2013.

What is natural gas from shale and how is it…

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