October: scare-a-palooza

Kim Harrison

Some of you might remember a brief post from me a while back about Guy giving me a Halloween scare early. Now, I will admit I saw the boxes at the front porch. I saw the glint in his eye. I recognized that he was up to something, but like a lamb to the slaughter, I innocently fell right into his trap, walking into the living room and finding Mr. and Mrs Harrison having their morning tea.

Crap on toast, I think my heart stuttered, finding them there in the usually dark front room.


But truly, I love this time of year when I lurk on “on demand’s” Halloween menu. It doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, I don’t really go for the horror slasher stuff. But it’s the one time of year that it’s okay to think about black cats and headless horsemen, and I eat it up…

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