Oil and gas news

From the Styx by Peggy Tibbetts

I can’t even remember when there’s been so much oil and gas news in the news in such a brief time span – like the last 2 weeks. And because the media has been too busy covering the Zimmerman trial and the San Francisco plane crash, and throw into the mix the 4th of July, you might have missed some of that news.

The biggest story is the Quebec oil train derailment on July 6. Even though the story has received some media coverage it’s not getting the kind of wall-to-wall coverage any other comparable disaster would have received, like say, a plane crash. Goes to show you how the oil & gas industry is able to easily suppress news that brings up serious safety issues and makes them look bad.

Quebec rail disaster questions safety of oil transport

A train derailment that devastated a Canadian town is raising questions…

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